Size chart

Sizing in mm

  Thumb Index Middle Ring Pinky
S 15mm 11-12mm 12-13mm 11-12mm 9-10mm
M 16mm 12-13mm 13-14mm 12-13mm 10mm
L 17mm 13-14mm 14-15mm 13-14mm 11-12mm


Sizing in in

  Thumb Index Middle Ring Pinky



0.59in 0.43-0.47in 0.47-0.51in 0.43-0.47in 0.35-0.39in
M 0.63in 0.47-0.51in 0.51-0.55in
L 0.67in 0.51-0.55in 0.55-0.59in 0.51-0.55in 0.43-0.47in


Measurements are approximate, choose the size that's closest to yours.

Use a soft ruler or measuring tape and measure between the widest points of each nail. Make sure to remove any previous polish or residue before taking measurements.